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Timberzoo - www.timberzoo.com.au 385 Portarlington Road, Moolap Victoria 3224               Telephone: 52 481 223               Fax:            52 481 263 A veritable menagerie of timber at this outfit located minutes outside Geelong's centre. Maree, Melissa, Marty and Dave sell a very exciting range of re-milled recycled timber flooring, linings and dressed boards, which they manufacture on-site from structural timbers salvaged from demolition sites. They also sell reclaimed and kiln dried flooring and decking timber including their award winning Wharfdeck. The yard holds a breathtaking range of massive recycled bridge and wharf timbers, as well as posts and beams in a variety of exotic North Coast species. Their showroom is a showcase of all the products they sell and manufacture...be sure to visit soon!!! Urban Salvage - www.urbansalvage.com.au               190A Hall Street, Spotswood Victoria 3015               Telephone: 9391 0466               Fax:            9391 0477      A retail mecca for architects and owner-builders seeking alternatives to mainstream flooring options. Manager Andy Mineur          has a colourful background in building and recycling to support his present role. An experienced cabinet-maker, he spent          many years building solid timber kitchens from recycled woods. One interesting chapter in his life as a carpenter was the                      resurrection of an old timber pub in Queensland - relocated to a waterfront site on the back of a low-loader. Andy knows                      timber and loves it like most 'woodies' do. He is a capable advisor for flooring and furniture timbers. The dynamic showroom          at Spotswood was unique in the 90s and has become a much-copied classic. Visit soon.
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385 Portarlington Road, Moolap Victoria 3224 Telephone: 52 481 223 Fax:            52 481 263   www.timberzoo.com.au